Ilon Mask hinted at the appearance of Minecraft and Pokemon Go equivalents in Tesla cars.

The head of Tesla and SpaceX, Ilon Musk, hinted that Tesla electric cars may contain games like Minecraft and Pokemon Go. The entrepreneur clearly wants the car owners to be able to play online or in augmented reality mode. Several developers have already responded to his message, but journalists have questioned the safety of such entertainment.

The entrepreneur posted a message on his Twitter last weekend. He asked his followers if they might ever think that Tesla cars could be used to run games like Minecraft, Pokemon Go or the sophisticated versions of Pac-Man or Mario Kart. Apparently, Ilon Mask is looking for developers who can take on projects. He’s already received some feedback from them.

Typically, games in Tesla cars run only in the parking lot. However, journalists from Electrek doubted that it would be safe to play the analogue of Pokemon Go in the car. At the peak of the popularity of the original game people who were looking for rare Pokemons, fell under the car and received various injuries due to inattention. Race after the game objects can increase the number of traffic accidents, but Ilon Mask has not yet commented on the fears.

For the first time Tesla added games to their cars in 2018. Then it allowed motorists to launch several retro Atari games. Subsequently, the company has introduced more modern games in cars – for example, platformer Cuphead.